Odissey is an end-game PvE guild located on Hellfire-EU server formed in August 2007.

Quote from Timeless:  We are a fellowship of friends who strive to bring honor and a friendly hand to a much needed game world today. We are here to support each other and to help each other reach our goals no matter how small or how big. Each member strives to help those in need and to help each other with as much enthusiasm and selfishness as we would our real life friends. We strive to make this guild feel not like strangers, but something more real, something that we feel most other guilds out there are missing - a family. A place to come and relax and have fun with players you know and those who you want to know. This guilds emphasis is on fun, but at the same time has the organization, the understanding and the contribution of all members to reach any and all goals put before it. We are the knights who help the friendless and the lowly, the power that destroys the dark and vain and the family that has the power to conquer all.

Since The Burning Crusade days we have been progressing through the raid content non stop - showing our realm the strength only a few other guilds possess. And we have succeeded in all our goals so far - and yet we are expanding and ready to accept new members to join us in our adventure through Cataclysm.

We are focusing on 25 man raiding as that's what we enjoy most, with occasional 10 man groups to step in during the time of holidays. Our main goal in Cataclysm is seeing Deathwing's screenshot on our first page, with our members hugging him :)

If you are interested in joining us, feel free to apply - the current recruitment is on the left screen side, but we do consider exeptional applications of all kinds, so don't be shy.

What do we offer?

* Friendly, but professional environment.
* Experienced (raid) leaders and officers.
* Good organization (raid composition and sign up management).
* Loot fairness (EPGP system)

What do we expect?

* Activity. We raid 5 times a week (Monday / Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday / Sunday @ 21:00h). We require close to 4/5 days if you want a spot in our team.
* Dedication. You do not need to have years of experience to join Odissey. All we ask for is full dedication and the will to actually learn things from the experienced members.
* We expect everyone to be a part of the guild, not just a member. You can join a guild and just sit there being a random member, but that is not what we expect of our members. Everyone needs to be a part of the guild and show this one way or another.
* Your gear should be enough to perform well in Cataclysm 25man raids.